Steve Jobs – He Made From The Ugly Gray Boxes Cool

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the new mini iPod in San Francisco in 2004When many people on their iPhones, Macs and iPads have read about the death of the founder of Apple, on social networks was a silence for a few minutes. And than everybody wants to write something. Facebook and Twitter was full about the dead of Steve Jobs. Nobody was hysterical, as when a celebrity dies, but calmly and everything was saying and writing with dignity.

Why do so many of us feel that someone close left? Because Steve Jobs was the man who taught us to love technology. And through them we have loved him, too. A little. According to people on Thursday died “the greatest visionary of our times”, “marketing genius” or “the man who changed our world.” All this is true. But this would not be enough to have such an intense feeling of loss.

His death was not surprising or shocking. We knew at least a few years, that he is seriously ill. Doctors successfully removed his tumor of the pancreas in 2003, but the disease returned in some form, and in 2009 he had a liver transplant. Since then, his health was not good.

Like He Planned To Leave:

Cynically said, he died already a month and a half ago, when he resigned from the position of head of Apple. Between the lines of his statement could be read that the reason was the poor health and his approaching death. Almost seems that even his departure, Steve Jobs was known for his notorious perfectionism, has been planned. To reduce the shock of investors and protect the stability of shares whose value after the announcement of his departure from office stayed stable. And it will stay stable even now.

And therefore the message of his death has in particular the human dimension. Almost everyone is somehow affected.

Death On The Iphone:

F52361As Barack Obama noted, many of us heard about Steve Jobs death from the devices that Apple has developed and produced. In particular, even if the phones, laptops and tablets were other than the Apple brand, we can say if wouldn’t be Steve Jobs these devices probably would not look in the way as they look today. That is the main impact of the founder of the company with bitten apple in logo and therefore we can say that he changed our world.

It was fascinating to watch how after death of Apple co-founder this incident hit the internet world, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. As if everybody was speechless for several minutes and and Facebook and Twitter was silent. And they turn on again in one tone, composed of grief and respect. Many expressed their feelings in their statuses and tweets, some put the Steve Jobs portrait or symbol of bitten apple in their profile picture.

When Google Is Mourning:

It wasn’t hysterical media mourning, which is after the death of celebrities and famous people. This mourning was peaceful and with dignity. Like a row with his name and the years 1955 – 2011 on the main page of Google or competitive online store Amazon. Something you don’t see often.

Steve Jobs wasn’t “Edison of the twenty-first century” though. In 1975, he along with Bill Gates and the other from the generation of geeks , was astonished by the Altair computer kit in the magazine Popular Electronics and then they set in motion an era of the personal computers.

They Did What They Liked:

Were they enlightened visionaries? No, they just wanted to do what they liked. And they were “hungry” too, to use a term that Steve Jobs used.

When in 1982 the magazine Times named the computer “Person of the Year ” sorry actually” the machine “, it was also published in the same issue the profile of Steve Jobs. They introduced him as “Maestro Microcosm.” But he wasn’t technological genius.

Any of the products, which conquered the world of Apple, he didn’t personally invented nor his teams of engineers. Steve Jobs was “only” able to offer to people the computers in order to wanted them. He took Apple Computers from a gray plastic boxes and moved them into the living rooms, then into the pockets, and particularly in our hearts.

But An Application Exists For That:

Apple’s products just do more things as we didn’t hope or even unable to imagine. They surprised us and still surprising us with their comfort and simplicity. That is the main substance of Apple magic. If the legacy of Apple products was only iPod, iPhone and the iPad, it’s enough.

And just for that Steve Jobs is not getting into hell, but rather to heaven. So it may be even true the joke that appeared on the web on Thursday. There is a God turning over the pages in a bold and multi-page book of facts. And in a black turtleneck dressed Steve Jobs says: “But an application exists for that!”